Buy Flat Wheel Espresso and Coffee Grinder in Sweet Cream Confidently

Buy Flat Wheel Espresso and Coffee Grinder in Sweet Cream. This awesome Coffee Grinders will suit your room. Buy your Flat Wheel Espresso and Coffee Grinder in Sweet Cream directly from your place confidently now.

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Flat Wheel Espresso and Coffee Grinder in Sweet Cream
The line of coffee grinders from Ascaso can be described as beautiful, colorful, and best of all, excellent grinding machines. Ascaso has developed two versions of their coffee and espresso grinder, one with a flat grinding wheel system and one with a conical (cone shaped) grinding wheel. The flat wheel grinder is called the I-1 Grinder and the conical grinding wheel. The Ascaso grinders have a Micrometric Regulation System (MRS) also known as stepless adjustment to control the quality and consistency of the grinds. This system allows for unmatched, precise adjustments to the grind setting, which is critical for espresso grinding. If you have an espresso machine, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to grind directly into the coffee holder for your machine. Features: -Flat wheel espresso and coffee grinder. -Sweet cream color. -Available in Love Red, Night Black, Cloud White, Baby Pink, Kid Blue, Anthracite Gray, Mediterranean Blue, Mandarin Orange, Meadow Green, Sun Yellow, The Cow and Polished Aluminum. -Simple manual operation. -No coffee dispenser – The grinders feature a coffee chute which funnels the freshly ground coffee from the grinding chamber directly into a coffee holder for your espresso machine or into a coffee filter, or even a storage container. -Large coffee bean hopper – With the ability to store up to 1.3 pounds of coffee beans in the hopper, there is no need to constantly refill the grinder. -It will hold enough beans to brew several full pots of coffee or 60 shots of espresso. -It is made of clear shatter resistant plastic and topped with a plastic lid. Specifications: -Made in Spain. -Construction material: Aluminum. -Ground coffee capacity: 125 g (for 1-1D model). -Motor power: 250 W. -RPM: 700 rpm. -Voltage: 230 V. -cULus listed. -Cleaning and care: Easy to clean. -One year limited warranty on parts. -Blades dimension: 54 mm. -Overall dimensions: 16.25″ H x 6.4″ W x 10.5″ D. For more information on this product please view the Specification Sheet below: Flat wheel espresso and coffee grinder Specification Sheet
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